Artist Statement by Susan Megur


The face is similar to a map, which contains a rich history of one's life. The living body shows expression and emotion. Examining faces, animal or human, and body language is where my process begins.

My work includes oil, graphite, or mixed media using classical techniques.  In some pieces I use only graphite, while in others I use classical oil. In many of my mixed media I begin with a digital photograph to combine with other materials. If I use a photo, I manipulate it and then completely destroy it, leaving a ghost image.  Intuitively, I draw, paint, cut, and continue adding marks.  The marked surfaces express my varied impressions of our visual appearance.  It is a landscape of human or animal faces or body parts that suggests a relationship with our universal notion of beauty and the familiar. I search to explore difficulties we face to understand ourselves within our current environment.

My intention is to translate my emotional response through the entire projected image as it relates to ourself, others or our environment. Visualizing new meanings, dualities or superficiality may help me to recognize what we must try to look for, in depth when we make assessments.  Philosophically, my images should lead us to create a dialogue,  questioning the relationship of how we view ourselves and other living beings within our world.  No matter what I see, it is important for me to try to comprehend and express what we share as human beings.

"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.  Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens."   Carl Gustav Jung